Take your fundraising online

For companies that help schools and clubs raise funds.


Fundraising for schools, teams, and organizations usually requires a lot of paperwork and comes with high printing costs. It used to be entirely dependable on distributing print catalogues and order sheets to students, asking their family and friends to order items, and support their school or team.  This is costly, time consuming and frankly, old-fashioned.

We took fundraising online

That’s right. We created a system for companies that offer products for team fundraisers that is 100% digital. No more hassle distributing catalogues and collecting order forms. No more manually adding tallys. A digital fundraiser eliminates the cost printing. It can run anytime and has a significantly wider reach. And with that, considerably higher profits for everyone.

How it works …

The online fundraising system uses an e-commerce platform that tracks sales and attributes each sale to the proper organization (school or team). Every organization gets a designated page and can share the link to their page with students and parents, who can easily share with their family and friends.

Your Fundraising Manager has full control of the system. We provide him/her with proper training and support to set up the fundraising  campaigns, and onboard clients.

  • Easy Onboarding

    Create an account for each participating school or club and set up commission rates.

  • Landing Pages

    Create Landing pages with details of each fundraiser (from a template we prepare for you), and provide each organization with a unique link to their page.

  • Promotional Graphics

    We will create a library of promotional graphics to help the teams promote their fundraiser with your organizations. The library will be available on their Dashboard for an easy download.

  • Track Orders

    Every sale from the organization’s Landing page will be attributed to that particular page and reflected on their Dashboard in real time.

  • Generate Reports

    Generate an order summary for your fulfillment, and detailed reports with names and items ordered on behalf of each student (that will replace the Order forms).

  • Pay Comission

    Reporting system keeps track of all referrals. You can pay commission electronically or by cheque.

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