• Do you have a minimum order requirement?

    Yes the minimum for a delivery is $300 net, or 40 boxes sold. If you do not reach this number you will have to pick up from our location.

  • How long does a typical fundraiser last?

    A typical fundraiser lasts two weeks, but you can choose to run it longer.

  • When will you deliver the products?

    We will need three weeks to fulfill your orders.

  • Where do you deliver?

    We deliver in Ontario, however, we will deliver to Quebec for additional fees.

  • How does delivery work?

    We will deliver all orders to your organization on the day and time we agree on. It will be up to you to distribute the orders to the students/parents.

    You will receive a master sheet listing all orders per student – this will allow you to organize the orders for each student.

    In addition, each student will receive the individual orders made on their behalf.

  • Can we add-on to our order once the fundraiser is over?

    No, once the fundraiser is closed no additional orders can be placed.

  • What if we are missing an item?

    Mistakes can happen but in our experience, in most cases, an order was accidentally given to another student.

    Please wait a couple of days to see if someone will return the order. If not, contact us. We will make sure that everyone receive their order.

  • What is your Refund Policy?

    If a customer does not receive our product and the order was charged to the customer’s credit card, we will refund the order.

  • What is your Returns Policy?

    Due to the nature of our products we do not accept any returns.

  • When will we recieve the money we have raised?

    We will bring the cheque together with the orders at the time of delivery.

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